About Us

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Our purpose

Rolfe Larson Associates (RLA) helps nonprofits become more entrepreneurial. Our goal in every project is to leave organizations stronger than when we began working with them.  Our approach is collaborative and team-based, with the perspective that the best learning and most effective implementation involves building on your strengths as well as ours.

We're proud of our fifteen year history of helping to strengthen the nonprofit sector.  During that period of time, we have provided direct consulting assistance to approximately 90 organizations and have trained hundreds more through workshops and webinars.

Our services include

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Training
  • Brainstorming & Screening Venture Ideas
  • Assessing Feasibility
  • Preparing realistic, Action-Focused Strategic Business Plans
  • Developing Successful Implementation Strategies
  • Tuning Up Existing Ventures

Our Approach

Our consulting approach emphasizes the importance of three primary themes:

  • The first is to work closely and collaboratively throughout the consulting project, bringing in your perspective and expertise.  We have found that the most successful consulting projects build on your knowledge as well as our own.  This approach also leads to a consulting product that your organization will "own," which increases the odds of successful implementation.
  • Secondly, we believe in designing a consulting process that collects and analyzes genuine external data to evaluate goals and strategies, rather than rely exclusively on internal perspectives and preferences.  This includes collecting data that conflicts as well as agrees with the expectations of the project team.  This openness to disconfirming data is one hallmark of successful strategic and business planning, as it leads to the identification of strategies to address those issues as part of the planning process.
  • Finally, one of our primary consulting goals in every project is to build internal capacity at your organization to perform the tasks for which you us to do.  While we do possess unique skill sets, we do not view our work as proprietary, and instead seek to transfer as much knowledge as possible to your organization.  There are many times when consultant support can be a strategic and efficient deployment of organizational resources - our goal is to ensure that our involvement leaves your organization stronger internally than when we arrived.