Case Studies

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Facilitating strategic planning in a changing environment

A successful, growing social service agency anticipated significant changes in its funding and competitive environment, and requested our help to develop a practical strategic plan to prepare for these changes. We facilitated their strategic planning process, which included participation of their action-oriented plan board of directors, and guided them in the creation of an that addressed issues relating to growth, staffing, funding and partnerships with other organizations.

Advising companies on marketing strategies

An audio/video production company had trouble selling its products despite creative ideas and strong technical skills. We helped focus their efforts by integrating market research into all aspects of the business from product creation to sales. We then demonstrated this approach by gathering key market data and developing effective strategies for marketing one of their products.

Helping nonprofits develop successful business ventures

An organization that produces public radio documentaries and interactive Internet events was facing declining support from their traditional funding sources and was looking to income-generating ventures to replace some of these monies. We conducted market research and worked closely with them to identify their best business ideas.

Developing business plans for new and growing companies

Management of a printing company faced a confusing tax issue that threatened the future of their business. By providing an analytical perspective, we enabled them to re-evaluate their key business assumptions and relationships. Our detailed critique of their current business plan was then utilized by management to develop a response to this problem.

Forging effective Internet strategies

Many organizations feel they should be doing "more" via the Internet, but are not sure what would be appropriate and cost-effective for them, given their mission and constituencies. We worked with a major nonprofit to develop strategies to launch and sustain a web site to improve interaction with existing and potential new constituencies, and to initiate profitable income-generating opportunities.