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Our approach is to work closely with you to expand your impact through the use of entrepreneurial strategies.  In this photo, Rolfe Larson is leading a session with the Aspen Institute's Scale Academy, which helps micro-enterprise programs grow so they can help more small businesses create sustainable jobs for underprivileged families and commmunities.  Rolfe provided training to this group in both 2008 and 2009, helping four micro-enterprise programs develop strategies to increase earned income.


Rolfe's nonprofit venture management experience includes almost ten years as a senior manager at Minnesota Public Radio, where his responsibilities included developing and launching new business ventures.  In that role, he took the lead in overseeing several successful ventures that generated millions of dollars of profit to support programming.  One such profitable venture generated revenues of approximately $5 million per year; another earned a one-time profit of $850,000; a third generated profits exceeding $1 million over a ten year period of time.


Another recent example of RLA's results is our strategic planning work with Public Radio Capital, the national organization whose purpose is to strenghten and expand noncommercial media such as public radio.  RLA facilitated three month strategic planning process which included a thorough environmental scan and two planning retreats.  This work led to creation of a long term vision for public radio, and then forged a focused strategic plan for PRC to help accomplish that vision, including goals and measureable outcomes for the next three years.  While as consultants we cannot take credit for organizational success, we were pleased to hear that after one year PRC had largely accomplished most of its ambitious first year goals that came out of the strategic planning process we facilitated.